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The world's first face cream with environmentally friendly extracted organic Bakuchiol

-With shea butter directly from African cooperatives
-Best anti-aging and care properties for dry skin
-Acts against lines and wrinkles - also for prevention
-Can help with impurities

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Bakuchiol is the natural alternative to retinol. The oil from the seeds of the Babchi tree has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as a healing herb.

Dr Craft Organic Bakuchiol Face Cream combines organic bakuchiol with organic coconut butter and organic shea butter for an optimal nourishing anti-aging effect. Organic coconut butter is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can stimulate skin renewal to repair damage caused by UV rays and environmental stress. As a natural moisturizer, coconut butter is especially good for dry skin. Another moisturizer is organic shea butter. This plant-based ingredient from the African shea nut keeps pores unclogged, allows skin to breathe and provides lasting moisture. Its particularly high concentration of vitamin F, also known as linoleic acid, helps repair the skin barrier and increase moisture absorption for improved hydration, suppleness and smoother skin.

Shea butter and the linoleic acid it contains give dry and dehydrated skin a healthy and radiant appearance. At the same time, increased linoleic acid content in the skin's surface can help reduce the severity of blemished skin conditions. Shea butter also contains a group of natural plant substances known as phytosterols, which are valued for their regenerating properties.

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