As a practicing dermatologist and skin cancer researcher, Dr. Dennis Gross could not recommend any products to his patients for care after medical (laser) treatments that met his scientific standards, even after intensive research. The result is complex and highly effective products based directly on the experience of his practice in New York, but easy and safe to use at home.


Alpha Beta® Daily Peel Pads are the foundation and Step 1 of any beauty routine with Dr Dennis Gross products. In two simple steps, they diminish imperfections, enlarged pores and fine lines and wrinkles. In the Alpha Beta® line of products, multiple beauty acids work together to remove dead skin cells, provide intense hydration and strengthen skin texture. Skin is gently renewed and made to glow. The cocktail of multiple acids exfoliates the skin faster, more efficiently and gently. Already after the first application the skin looks refreshed, small lines and wrinkles are directly reduced. With regular use, skin impurities are sustainably removed.


First lines and wrinkles on the face are often a sign of insufficient hydration. Blemish-prone skin dries out during the day and produces even more unwanted sebum as a counter-reaction. The best active ingredient for adequate hydration is hyaluronic acid, whose unique effect in Dr Dennis Gross' oil-free Hyaluronic Marine line is further supported by Japanese seaweed. It moisturizes the skin and is at the same time a very effective antioxidant, which protects the skin from free radicals and environmental damage.

C+ Collagen

This powerful care line is able to fundamentally change the skin. In just a few minutes, the radiance of the skin is regenerated - with the most efficient vitamin C and the new 3-O C technology. Combined with the patented Alpha Beta® Daily Peel, it is one of the most important ingredients in our skincare routines to keep skin energized, fresh and radiant. Vitamin C helps balance pigmentary imbalances, repair sun damage and conjures a unique glow. In conjunction with highly effective collagen, it visibly tightens and helps firm the skin.  


Dr Dennis Gross light therapy devices work with a combination of red and blue LED light for an intense anti-aging effect. The red light promotes the formation of collagen, aiding in the repair of age-related skin damage and can thus reduce lines and wrinkles. The blue LED lights fight acne-causing bacteria, reducing blemishes. Dr Dennis Gross' SpectraLite line is available as an eye mask, a full face mask and a flexible pad for use over the entire body.


The unique and new combination of Retinol, Bakuchiol and Rambutan in the Advanced Ferulic and Retinol line boosts cell regeneration and strengthens the skin's moisture barrier. Active retinol is delivered deep into the skin to trigger its anti-aging action. Plant retinoids Bakuchiol and Rambutan have the same effect, but cause less irritation while helping to fight inflammation. Ferulic acid is a plant antioxidant that enhances the anti-aging properties of the other active ingredients.kt. 


UVA/UVB rays and blue light from smartphones and computer screens can demonstrably damage the skin. Therefore, adequate protection in the form of a sun protection factor is an indispensable part of any skin care routine. Dr. Dennis Gross' sunscreens protect against light-induced skin damage, preventing fine lines and hyperpigmentation. The sunscreen products contain physical light protection filters and are suitable for all skin types. In addition to a transparent, ultra-light sunscreen, there are tinted creams with various sun protection factors.


When we are stressed, the skin is less supplied with blood and thus with less oxygen and vital nutrients. That is why stress is often already evident in the dull and sallow appearing skin. Dr Dennis Gross anti-stress care contains a spectrum of superfoods, niacinamide and adaptogens. These active ingredients prevent signs of stress and help it adapt to the changing conditions the skin is exposed to. It replenishes essential nutrients and promotes healthy skin regeneration process. The skin looks relaxed and shines with a healthy, long-lasting freshness.


Dr Gross developed the highly effective DrX line for the targeted treatment of the skin. The products achieve particularly effective results on their own or in combination with other Dr Dennis Gross products, allowing individualized care for different skin conditions. The formulas contain ingredients that penetrate deep into pores to fight blemishes or intensely plump up fine lines and wrinkles. The DrX line works safely and effectively to provide a clear and even complexion.