Launchbundle 50ml Collection

The complete launch bundle for the new 50ml Collction including ZARKOPERFUME Display
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Present the new 50ml sizes of ZARKOPERFUME as a real eye-catcher at your point of sale. The new ZARKOPERFUME display gives the fragrances an attention-grabbing setting that optimally puts the focus on the new, small original flacons.

With the launch bundle of the brand-new 50ml collection, you give the popular molecular fragrances a new impulse in the strongest sales period.

The interchangeable acrylic overlay is suitable for three 50ml flacons, so that the entire collection can be optimally staged.

Manufacturer: ZARKOPERFUME
SKU: 66876
CONTENT‍: 50ml
SETS & SPECIAL OFFERS‍: Special Offers
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