Everything is possible if you are brave enough to play your hand. We believe in design as magic, that a better product can enrich our lives, and that through an authentic experience something previously unknown about ourselves is revealed. Scent Stories is our olfactory journey into a playground of the senses.


Chad Murawczyk founded MiN NEW YORK - MiN, short for the always elusive New York Minute - in 1999, which has since become a coveted global luxury brand focused on fragrances that reflect a lifestyle.
A free spirit, lifelong creative and true world traveler, Chad's approach was not defined by a specific "pedigree" or standard within the perfume industry. His philosophy goes beyond fragrance and is a clear representation of the world as he sees it: The world doesn't need more products, it needs better products. Craft without compromise means producing something greater than the sum of its parts, and creating luxury objects that have meaning challenges both the importance of a niche and a formulaic conglomerate.
The brand's Scent Stories fragrances are designed to allow people to bring out their true essence without losing their authenticity. Made in Grasse, France, a city in the foothills of the Côte d'Azur, each perfume is skillfully developed with the goal of illuminating the path to a fulfilled life. MiN NEW YORK fragrances are made for global jetsetters, creative thought leaders and trendsetters, and passionate personalities in the fashion industry. The Scent Stories capture the interplay of power and beauty in the form of fragrances.
MiN NEW YORK opens an undeniably impressive perspective on the art of fragrance with Scent Stories. Blended by master perfumers in Grasse, France, each chapter in Scent Stories is designed to offer an intimate but authentic glimpse into the mind of each fragrance wearer. Scent Stories were created to inspire, excite, and most importantly, encourage us to live authentically.

Volume 1 is about experiences and journeys that transcend both time and place. Each fragrance, much like its story, is versatile and adapts to the personal emotional state.

Volume 1 begins at the sea and ends on the moon.

Volume 2 offers an exploration of the senses through scents. Each is personal and unique, as our perception of the world we live in is determined only by experience. Through this untapped path, we are able to better define and develop ourselves.
Volume 3 was founded on the principle that trends and ideas were created to be challenged. Purist expression and original thoughts are the basis for what these fragrances convey: Freedom, self-love and liberation from a universe of "noise".
In search of a self-actualized reality, we experiment to experience moments worth pursuing. We observe and hypothesize. We test and challenge. This is EXPERIMENTAL: the space to create your story.