The new and exclusive Niche Fragrance Brand

  • Original size 100 ML and 50 ML & attractive travel size in refill container
  • Samples available for every fragrance
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Elegant and timeless, bold and with a clear contemporary touch - OPTICO represents an exclusive perfume house that builds on tradition while working towards the future.

Born from the shared passion of Renato and Simone Bongiorno, father and son with many years of experience in the perfume industry, OPTICO combines craftsmanship and innovation to create exclusive and seductive fragrances.

The brand's collections are inspired by different artistic movements to emphasise and enhance the exceptional nature of the fragrances.

The Collections

OPTICO uses first-class raw materials for the creation of its perfumes to create an exceptional and subtle olfactory experience. This is further emphasised by the elegant and stylish design of the bottles, which is artistically related to each fragrance.


The first OPTICO collection is based on visual art and is a refreshing blend of classic citrus, woody and oriental fragrances. The fragrances in this line are named after the countries where their main ingredients can be found, such as Italy, a Mediterranean fragrance with notes of neroli and bergamot.

Assortment of Fragrances

100 ML - RRP 145 €

20 ML - RRP 48 € 


The Pop Art Collection is the second collection from OPTICO, which takes its inspiration from the visual language of Pop Art to convey a more modern feel. This perfume collection is all about synthetic fragrances as the basis of creation. As an example, BSX - Boost Smell Experience is a revolutionary primer that ensures that every perfume lasts longer.

Assortment of Fragrances:

50 ML - RRP 90 €